Barry & Martin's Trust was established in 1996 to support HIV prevention, education and care in China. It was founded in memory of the late Barry Chan.


The Trust's activities encompass:

  • the transfer of knowledge and skills between UK and Chinese health professionals
  • support for Chinese hospitals and individuals working to improve HIV prevention and care
  • support for gay and HIV groups all over China


The Trust established the Peggy Health Centre for people with HIV at the No. 2 People's Hospital in Dali, south west China.


The Trust awards Annual Prizes for HIV prevention and care to doctors, nurses and leaders of gay and HIV groups, all over China.


The Trust is a charity independent of any government or corporation. The Trust  accepts donations from friends and supporters around the world.


Its registered number in England is 1062629.


The Chairman established separately "Barry & Martin America Inc." in 2003. This has 501(c)3 status, enabling US persons to obtain tax deductions on their donations. This company is independent of the Trust but cooperates with it in its work in China.